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Project nameAuthors
Let's Find Momo (poster)Yipeng Su, Yun Kun Zhang
SwimSafe: a Computer Vision Pool Alarm (poster)Luke Hansen
Tractable Probabilistic Multimodal Learning (poster)Pranay Samala, Jian Manish Vora, Siddharth Chandak
Learning Feature Descriptors Using Capsule Networks and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (poster)Mai Lan Nguyen, Melinda Zhu, Ashish Prakash Rao
Experimenting with Image Priors in Super-resolution CNNs (poster)Matt McCready
Unsupervised learning of Visual Object Relations with Graph-Level Analogy (poster)Daniel Zeng
Temporally and Spatially Novel Video Frame Synthesis using 4D Video Autoencoder (poster)Bidipta Sarkar, Xinyi Wang, Kathy Yu
Learned Compression of High Dimensional MRI Datasets (poster)Qingxi Meng
Funnel Vision Transformer for image classification (poster)Yujing Zhang
Object Detection in Autonomou Driving Vehicles (poster)Qianli Song, Adil Sadik, Rui Chen
Using Large Pretrained CV Transformers for Speech-Audio Image Spectrogram Representations: Emotion Recognition (poster)Anthony Tu Le, Omer Benyshai, Yair Shachar
Emotion Detection with Vision Transformers and Image Features (poster)Stephan Sharkov
Swimming pool detection from Aerial imagery (poster)Anthony Steven Taing
Zero-Shot Object Detection for Chest X-Rays (poster)Ruhi Sayana, Ellie Ugne Talius
Medical Image Dataset Rebalancing via Conditional Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks (cDCGANs) (poster)Adam Sun, Kevin Li
Diabetic Retinopathy Progression Recognition Using Deep Learning Method (poster)Shunyao Xu, Zixin Huang, Yuhan Zhang
Post-Disaster Segmentation Using FloodNet (poster)Priya Mishra, Kushagra Gupta
Classifying Sign Languages and Fingerspellings with Convolutional Neural Networks (poster)Nyle Tiber Wong, Richard Dan Chen, Brandon Tri Vu
Deep Q-Learning applied to tactical deconfliction (poster)Marta Palomar Toledano
3D Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Cars (poster)Yuntao Ma, Alana Xiang, Albin Mosskull
Clean your desk! Transformers for unsupervised clustering of document images (poster)Pooja Sethi
Video Frame Prediction with Deep Learning (poster)Yiwen Jiang, Megan Backus, Dana Murphy
Learned Image Augmentation for Distribution Shift Robustness Using GFlowNets (poster)Pratham Soni, Nathan Gyoohyun Kim
Towards Establishing a Predictive Machine Learning Model in Agriculture applying Convolutional Neural Networks (poster)Bohdan Metchko Junior, Joshua Daniel Adams
Automated identification and transcription of chest pathology using CNN with Natural Language understandingNeville D Gai
Snowy Road Classification with a Data-Centric Approach (poster)Brian Wesley Hill, Li Tian, Joanne Zhou
Optimization of Mesmer, A Deep Learning Model for Cytoplasmic Segmentation Using LIVECell Dataset (poster)Wei Da, Liang Yi, Zhaoqiang Bai
Transfer learning models for tree species detection in agroforestry (poster)Erich Trieschman
CNN-based Grain Size Determination of Microscopy Images (poster)Jingchao Zhang
Predicting Road Quality Across Local Governments in Los Angeles County (poster)Andrea Vallebueno
Short Form Video Captioning with C3D and CLIP (poster)Chenyang Dai
Classifying dogs using PAWS (poster)Umesh Thillaivasan
Data Augmentations for Cell-Type Generalizable Instance Segmentation (poster)Julie Yu Chen
Empirical Evaluation of Residual CNN in Emotion Recognition (poster)Rongxin Liu
Recurrent GlimpseNet (poster)Isaac John Supeene, Kaiyue Wang
Using Temporal Contrast to Detect Small Vessels in Low Resolution Optical (poster)WenXin Dong
SeeFood (poster)Wai Tong Chung, Chiin-Zhe Tan, Mahesh Satish Saboo
Neuronal Cell Instance Segmentation (poster)Swathi Gangaraju, Stefan Zdrnja, Keyu Nie
Exo-Hunt: Discovering Planets with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (poster)Moritz Pascal Stephan, Simon Remy Camacho, Griffin Drew Miller
AI-cyclopedia: A look into fascinating art and understanding why they are what they are (poster)Roman Puttkammer, Kanchana Sethu, Shaoyang Luo
Self-Supervised Feature Learning for Online Multi-Object Tracking (poster)Bradley Cage Collicott, Mrunal Jatin Sarvaiya, Brian Thomas Weston
Multimodal Detection of Atomically-thin Semiconductor MaterialsJenny Hu, Jun Wang, Xueqi Chen
Computer Move Suggestions from Physical Game Images (poster)Zachary Max Witzel, Xiluo He
Evaluating Photo Aesthetics Using MobileNetV3 and Feature Engineering (poster)Scott Xu, Frank Zhao
Augmented Human Action Classification with Joint Estimation via double CNN (poster)Yixian Li, Tianheng Shi, Colin Zheng
Finetuning Variational Autoencoders for the Restoration of Sports Video Highlights (poster)Michael Robert Doboli, Siddharth Sharma
Explaining the Effect of Data Augmentation on Image Classification Tasks (poster)Jerry Tang
Monocular depth estimation from single image (poster)Gaurav Gupta, Piyush Mohan Gulve
Sky Image-Based Photovoltaic Output Forecasting (poster)Atindra Jha, Dhvaneel Vivek Visaria
Imitation Learning for Visual Robotic Manipulation (poster)Yunfan Jiang
High Spatial-Temporal Resolution MRI Reconstruction for Speech Production Analysis (poster)Qingyue Wei, Xuetong Zhou
One-Shot Learning for Handwritten Character Recognition (poster)Giancarlo Ricci
Improving Image Classifiers with IQ Loss functions: Non-adversarial f-Divergence Minimization (poster)Roy Yuan, Avi Gupta, Div Garg
Classifying Road Quality Using Satellite Imagery in Metro Detroit (poster)David Karamardian, Nabil Ahmed, Trent McMullen
Encoding Visual Modality for Robotic Manipulation Task of Peg-in-Hole-Insertion (poster)Kaixin Chen, Hao Li
Identifying Hateful Memes with Multimodal Classifications (poster)Alex Zachary Fan, Yixuan Wu
Palo Alto Streets Vehicle Detection and Tracking (poster)Fangran Wang, Shanduojiao Jiang, Yan Wang
Deep Learning to Automate Identification and Characterization of Rib Fractures on Chest Computed Tomography Scans (poster)Sathya Edamadaka, David Brown, Jeff Choi
Mapping near field electromagnetic responses to sub-wavelength structures (poster)Yixuan Shao
G-TAD Refinement (poster)Ziqun Ye
Gastro-Intestinal Tract Segmentation Using Multi-Task Learning (poster)Bryan Chia, Nicholas Lui, Helen Minsi Gu
Predicting Child Mortality Rate from Satellite Imagery Using CNNs (poster)Shayana Aarthy Venukanthan, Raaisa Lami Moktader, Timothy Leo Wu
A Robust Multitask Model for Surgical Skill Evaluation (poster)Orr Zohar
Automatic Measurement of Patellar Tilt using Deep Learning Methods (poster)Samuel Ying-Wah Hunter, Tofunmi Adesanmi Omiye
Hotel Recognition to Combat Human Trafficking (poster)Yuyu Lin, Eleanor Ho, Peng Chen
Building a Neural Historical Art Classifier with GLCM Texture Features and Attention Feature Extraction (poster)Eish Maheshwari, Michael Yu Cao
Simulating Deployment of a Multi-{Modal, Task, Site} Chest X-Ray Model (poster)Anuj Pareek, Andrew Gaut, Cara Elise Van Uden
Measuring Patellar Instability using Deep Learning Predicted Caton-Deschamps Index (poster)Daniel Kwokyen Lee, Jacob Azoulay, Micael Edmond Tchapmi
Optical Flow Models and Training Techniques in Data-Constrained Environment (poster)Shawn Zixuan Kang, Senem Isik, Zander Lack
EatRight: Calorie Counter (poster)Paavni Shukla, Jagriti Dixit
Dual Representation for Human-in-the-loop Robot Learning (poster)Yilun Hao, Ayano Hiranaka
Synthetic Depth-Aware Defocus and Controllable Bokeh for Stylized Photography (poster)Jean-Peic Chou
Source-free Few-shot Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation for CT Image Classification (poster)Bowen Song
Diet Selective-Backprop: Accelerating Training in Deep Learning by Pruning Examples (poster)Zachary Chen, Daniel Zamoshchin, Lucy Lu
Evaluating Deep Learning Approaches for Out-of-Domain Land Cover Classification (poster)Matthew Franklin Kolodner, Jack Z Xiao
SELSAMOT: Sequence-Level Semantic Aggregation for Multi-Object Tracking (poster)Elaine Yi Ling Sui
Homomorphic Encryptions for Privacy Preserving Vision (poster)Preey Shah, Rohan Virani, Sanjari Srivastava
Evaluating Image Classification Models for FPGA Board Status Detection (poster)Misha Orduna Baitemirova
SolarX: Solar Panel Segmentation and Classification (poster)Spencer Louis Paul, Rodrigo J Nieto, Ethan Duncan He-Li Hellman
Classification of Butterfly Species (poster)Thomas Martin Berger
MRI Glicoma Tumor Segmentation with U-NET (poster)Sasha Yousefi, Jessica Houghton
CNN, CNN Encoder-RNN Decoder, and Pretrained Vision Transformers for Surrounding Vehicle Lane Change Classification at Future Time Steps (poster)Neha Konakalla, Avrum Noor, Josh Singh
Breast Cancer Tumor Detection (poster)Ann Wu, Takara Everest Truong
Spontaneous Decomposition from Grouped Network Pathways (poster)Matheus Pellegrini Dias, Sahil Kulkarni, Satchel Grant
Let There Be Color: Deep Learning Image Colorization (poster)Justin Patrick Olah, Jenny J Yang
Transfer Learning for the ICU: Comparing the Performance of YOLOv5 and Faster R-CNN X101-FPN (poster)Ally Nakamura, Roshan Swaroop, Kachachan Chotitamnavee
Self Supervised Learning for Lower Limb Muscle Segmentation on MRI (poster)Erick Fidel Siavichay-Velasco, Anoosha Pai S, Nitish Gudapati
Super Resolution of Chromatin Structure (poster)Luis Fernando Chumpitaz Diaz
Faster Training by Automatically Selecting the Best Training Data for Computer Vision Tasks (poster)Huafan Cai, Ananth Agarwal, Dennis J Duan
Cell Cycle Classification using Imaging Flow Cytometry and Deep Learning (poster)Camilo Andres Espinosa Bernal
DETR with Modulated Object Queries For Object Detection (poster)Sudeep Narala
Profile to Frontal Facial Generation Using Conditional GAN (poster)Roy Park
Multi-Objective Processing of Dental Panoramic Radiographs (poster)Langston Gary Nashold, Poojan Pandya, Ting Lin
Rheological characterization of non-Newtonian fluids using Deep CNN (poster)Rajorshi Paul
Saliency-Guided Video Codec Pre-Processing (poster)Alaskar Alizada
Lifting 2D Keypoints to 3D Human Pose Estimation (poster)Benjamin Koranteng Amoh, Vasu G Patel, Jiwen Chen
Bag of Tricks for Faster & Stable Image Classification (poster)Shubham Anand Jain, Aman Bansal, Bharat Khandelwal
Efficient Chess Vision – A Computer Vision Application (poster)Allen Zihang Wu
Score-Based Generative Modeling with Multi-Sample Denoiser (poster)Anuj Nagpal
2D Floor Plan Reconstruction Using Cool Deep Learning Methods (poster)Gandharv Mahajan, Sahil Tadwalkar, Jitendra Nath Pandey
Image Inpainting (poster)Jin Woo Baik
Inferring Movie Genres From Their Poster (poster)Mostafa Ehab Dewidar
Unsupervised Learning Methods to Explore Automotive Design (poster)Mason T Llewellyn
Using a convolutional neural network to super-resolve airflow around a building (poster)Themistoklis Vargiemezis, Nicholas Gregory Bachand
Strava Route Art Sketch Image Classification (poster)Dylan James Cunningham, Anthony C Xie
FireSight – Wildfire Detection through UAV Aerial Image Classification (poster)Amrita Palaparthi, Sharmila Nangi
Forest Carbon Quantification: A Inexpensive Deep Learning Tool to Estimate Forest Canopy Height through 2D Satellite Imagery (poster)Ian Yue Han Ng, Jason Ping, Selena Sun
Image Matching Challenge 2022 - An ensembling approach (poster)Matt Christiaan King, Saurabh Malik, Samidhpratap Singh
Neural Recognition of Media of Art Pieces (poster)Jane M Boettcher, Shridhar Athinarayanan
Using Computer Vision to further econometric analysis: A case study with predicting Urban Heat Island (poster)Jake Silberg
Traditional Chinese Ink Painting Neural Style Transfer (poster)Pu Ke
Analysis of Volatility Surfaces with Computer Vision (poster)Alec Bryan Janowski, Annette Jing, Matt Allerton Johnson
Classification on Fine-Grained Plant Pathology Image Dataset (poster)Zhengyang Wei, Ranchao Yang
Differentiable Weight Masks for Domain Transfer (poster)Akash Velu, Samar Antoine Khanna, Skanda Vaidyanath
Attention-based Video Classification for Engagement Detection (poster)Shenghan Chen, Cathy Yang, Zihao Song
RobustVision: Making CNN and ViT Good Friends with Pre-Trained Vision Model (poster)Haichao Wei, Ethan Cheng, Chunming Peng
Deep Learning for Cell Segmentation (poster)Lucia Zheng, Grace Kim, Will Song
Capsulorrhexis Trajectories for Automated Surgical Training Feedback (poster)David Kuo, Ben W Ehlert, Ben Thomas Viggiano
Real-time Object Detection and Classification for ASL alphabet (poster)Rain Juhl, Eric Hao Feng
Synthetic Turbulent Inflow Generation for Simulations of Turbulent Wall-bounded Flows (poster)Hang Song, Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Elnahhas
Data-Driven Severity Analysis for COVID-19 via Lung CT Images and Convolutional Neural Networks (poster)Aksh Garg, Shray Alag
Deep Learning of Image Inpainting for Semiconductor Wafer Image Recognition (poster)Meng Shi
Eyes on the Road: Vision Transformers for Multiclass Distracted Driver Detection (poster)Aaron Y. Li, Guo Rui Lee
Unsupervised Aggregation of Deep Models (poster)Amirhossein Afsharrad
Text-to-Image Generation (poster)Aleksandr Timashov
Multi-Modal Image Captioning (poster)Ruth-Ann Hazel Armstrong, Thomas Wentao Jiang, Chris Chankyo Kim
Fast Candlestick Patterns Detection with Limited Training Samples Using RGB Gramian Angular Field and YOLO-LITE-V1 (poster)Heyang Huang
Classification of cellular states for high-speed image-based microfluidic cell sorting (poster)Jarod Evert Rutledge, Tanish Jain, Tejas Ganapathi
Automated Crop Disease Classification: Examining Lightweight Transfer Learning for the Edge (poster)Bhagirath P Mehta, Pranav Ramkumar Sriram
Theory of Hierarchical Learning via Gradient Descent (poster)Margalit Ruth Glasgow
Segmentation of Breast Cancer Tissue Using Deep Learning (poster)Oliver Johnson
GI Tract Image Segmentation with U-Net and Mask R-CNN (poster)Edgar Miguel Roman, Wenqi Li, Alina Chou
Estimating Building Energy Efficiency From Street View Imagery, Aerial Imagery, and Land Surface Temperature Data (poster)Lukas Haas, Kevin Mayer
2D Relational Search Task with Image and Graph Feature Learning with Graph Attention (poster)Minjune Hwang
Depth-Aware Pixel2Mesh (poster)Julian Hector Quevedo, Kabir S Jolly, Rohin Rajesh Manvi
DeepCity: Using Images of Cities to Predict Work-from-home Shocks (poster)Arjun Srinivasan Ramani, Benjamin Henly Wittenbrink, Diego Jasson
SpatialGAIN: Spatial Generative Adversarial Imputation Networks and its Application to Zero-Shot Pixel Imputation (poster)Justin Young
Real Time Webcam Video to Screen Click Position Mapping with Eye Tracking (poster)Sharon Cheng, Richard Yui Ho Cheung, Julian Chu