There will be three assignments which will improve both your theoretical understanding and your practical skills. All assignments will contain programming parts and written questions. For practical reasons, in office hours, TAs have been asked to not look at students’ code.



All assignments are due at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. All deadlines will be posted on Ed and on the Schedule page.


Assignments are submitted via Gradescope. You will be automatically added to the course on Gradescope before the start of the quarter. If that is not the case, please email us to sort it out. If you need to sign up for a Gradescope account, please use your email address. Further instructions are given in each assignment handout. Do not email us your assignments.

For submission instructions, follow the steps listed on the appropriate assignment handout.

Late Policy

See the late policy on the home page.

Collaboration Policy

Study groups are allowed and students may discuss in groups. However, we expect students to understand and complete their own assignments. Each student must write down the solutions independently (without referring to written notes from the joint session) and hand in one assignment per student. If you worked in a group, please put the names of your study group at the top of your assignment. When in doubt about collaboration details, please ask us on Ed.

Honor Code: There are a number of solutions to assignments from past offerings of CS231n that have been posted online. We are aware of this, and expect that all work submitted by students will be their own. Like all other classes at Stanford, we take the student Honor Code very seriously.